I have always been interested in films, but the planets colluded in 2005. My debut film ‘Tarana’ was a short, made for the Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai, and screened there for the first time. Later that year, it was chosen for the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) in New York. ‘Tarana’ has also been screened at Cannes, 2006 and at the Twilight Film Festival, New Delhi, in 2007.

Other than an experimental music video, I have made two other films since ‘Tarana.’ The first was a 20-second public service film on vehicular pollution (2006) and I have just completed the first of a series of films on contemporary Indian artists, titled ‘Being Peripheral’ (2009.) The featured artist is Baiju Parthan, and the duration of the film is 22.5 minutes.

  DVD covers of 2 of my films "Being Peripheral" & "Tarana"

  Being Peripheral


You may contact nrupen at his email id (nrupen@nrupenmadhvani.com) in case you have any enquiries for investment and support opportunities regarding his film series on Indian contemporary artists. 'Being Peripheral' is the first film in this series.


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