After more than two decades in this field, I’m still evolving and learning. The passion for creating images is still alive and clicking! However, because of my restless nature, stagnation would creep in if the canvas was restrictive. To prevent visual rigor mortis, I try and cover as many different genres as possible, and my portfolio reflects this. At the same time, I also try and eliminate those elements that constitute ‘visual clutter.’ Most often, I tend to go for ‘less is more’ and I think this simple philosophy comes through more in my personal work.

One of my earliest dreams was to work in Japan and I will always be grateful to Mr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto for providing the opening for me to visit his great country. Working as his assistant in Tokyo gave me invaluable experience. Domo arigato gozaimashita, sensei!

I’ve been able to add to this experience through my association with many talented creative minds in advertising and my work with them has received recognition in the form of awards from the Advertising Club, the Commercial Artists Guild, the International Pegasus Awards, Luerzer’s, etc.

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