Photography is techno-centric, and a lot of people are mistakenly attracted by this aura. I always try to keep in mind that technology is only as useful as what you can do with it. The idea is not to get too caught up in the craft but to let it give you the freedom to bring images to life.

As much as I enjoy teaching, it’s a delicate balance. I know that I can only do my job as a teacher if I have my priorities in order. As long as I have one foot very firmly lodged in the real world and the challenges that I face as a photographer, it will be that much easier for me to handle the challenges that I face as a teacher.

(Conducted workshops, seminars and presentations for Bombay Ad-Club, Commercial Artists Guild (CAG), The Rotary Club, Times Journal of Photography, Photographers’ Guild of India (PGI), Elle Décor Art & Design Show, J.J. School of Applied Art, Raffles Design International; Sir J. J. School of Applied Art; IIT (Industrial Design); MET Institute; Wilson College; Indian Merchants’ Chamber-Ladies Wing)

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