Epson Fotoflock interview: Nrupen Madhvani

1- You worked as an assistant to Mr Hiroyuki Yamamoto, a reputed Japanese photographer based in Tokyo. What did you gain from the experience?

Professionally, I had reached a critical point in my career and I wanted some international experience. I chose Tokyo because I had always been drawn to the Japanese aesthetic. The films of Akira Kurosawa and the writing of Yukio Mishima were also influences. Also, I had seen Japanese TV commercials and print ads and some of them were so esoteric that a part of me was looking for answers. To cut to the chase, what I really gained was the opportunity to work at an international level with a great photographer. More practically, it was also my first experience with the intricacies of a large format camera and film. I was also exposed to the famous Japanese discipline along with their professionalism. Mr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto taught me more than just photography. Through his kindness and generosity, I learnt a lot about life.

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