Interview for the website of Visage Media Services, which is the Indian joint venture with Getty Images.

1. Were you in LA recently for an official shoot? What was your theme?
The visit to LA was a combination of visiting relatives and a road trip from there to Yosemite National Park. This was a long overdue ‘photo pilgrimage’ to the place that was first revealed to me by the evocative images of Ansel Adams.

2. A lot of your work is focused on interiors and exteriors. What kind of design interests you? What is your approach to using one medium over another?
Whether it is the medium of still photography or motion, analog or digital, the common thread is that I enjoy the process of looking at whatever is out there through the smaller space of my viewfinder. Then I try isolating those key areas that I see and compose them in a manner that makes them whole…I try to capture a space within a space, so to speak. Sometimes, the scale and complexity of a given space is almost confusing to the senses. I think it helps if there is someone like me,

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